Autism Spectrum Disorders

Children with autism have a consistent biomedical profile; that is, their biochemistry is similar. These differences in biochemistry can cause changes in a child’s behavior, and lead to a diagnosis of autism.  Traditional doctors are taught that there is no treatment for autism; don’t believe this! Autism is medical, and there ARE interventions available that will help your child feel better.  When they feel better, they behave better!

Using lab testing, Dr McGowin works to find the root of the problem.  Blood draws can be challenging for many children. Because of this, Dr. McGowin has many options to make the process easier for your child. She has access to testing that uses urine, stool, and even blood spots from a finger-prick. Dr McGowin analyzes the child’s labs, then designs an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan. She uses supplements, homeopathy and diet to address a child’s individual needs.

Dr McGowin has experience with very complex cases. Patients come from all over the United States to consult with her!

IonCleanse Detoxification Footbaths

The IonCleanse by AMD helps the body detoxify through the healing power of ions. Most children with autism or other developmental issues, have impaired detox pathways. Using the IonCleanse is safe, non-invasive and relaxing, but don’t let that fool you! It’s a powerful tool, and should be the first step in your recovery journey. Dr McGowin offers IonCleanse sessions at her office in Jefferson City, Missouri. Learn more at

Methyl Genetic Nutrition Analysis

Genetic SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) are a hot topic right now!  Dr McGowin can help you make sense of this complicated information using the Methyl Genetic Nutrition Analysis. This state of the art analysis explains your child’s genetic mutations, and guides Dr. McGowin to make supplement recommendations based on the genetic information.

Nutritional Consultation

Although autism is her passion and expertise, Dr McGowin does extensive work with any patient who struggles with digestive issues, food sensitivities, depression, chronic pain, infertility and sleep issues. Using focused lab testing, she works to uncover the root of the problem and address it naturally, using diet and supplements.